lundi 4 février 2013

Electric smoke at Celebration Days festival 1

 Electric Smoke is a Heavy Blues & Biker Psych 4-piece from the Midwest that studies and creates their sound through the '68-'73 Underground heroes of Hard Rock/Psych-Blues era while bringing it forcefully into the 'Here and Now'. Electric Smoke brings a unique diversity of Rock'n'Roll to the forefront of their live performances; Frontman Landon Shayne McKibben has a huge vocal range from soulful heights to haunting lows backed by a history of a traveling choir. Guitarist Brock McKibben draws roots from Heavy Blues and Underground Early 70's Rock w/ fast leads and monster riffs alongside with Matt 'Frizz' Szafranski that has a bass-slapping Funk/Punk style that brings an intensity to the riffs that the two create together while sometimes even conjuring simultaneous leads. The latter is lined up and supported by ground-ponder Robby Stillings on drums making for great time keeping and heavy fills. (Excerpts) Article by Andrew McGinn, Dayton Daily News — -Describing themselves as “heavy psychedelic blues,” this was the stuff that came after all the love-ins — when acid became heroin, when Woodstock became Altamont, when the Maharishi became Manson. -We’re talking Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, the MC5, Alice Cooper and the Stooges. So far Electric Smoke has been honored to share stages in the U.S. and over seas with bands including: Gravestone Mind (France) Radio Moscow (Iowa, US) Black Market Karma (England) Marcy Playground (New York, US) Buffalo Killers (Ohio, US) Federale (New York, US) Mondo Drag (Iowa, US) Smoke & Feathers (Texas, US) Uncle Meat & The Highway Children (England) Pale Blue Eyes (England) The Main Street Gospel (Ohio, US) Debbie Leggo (England) and many more... 

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